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1Personnel Policy

TMK's rapid growth requires the continuous participation of talents in various functions and positions.

TMK Culture encourages personal growth, teamwork, and innovation.

We are looking for flexible and result-driven,

Talents who are eager to stand out in a growth-oriented company and teamwork environment.


Talent Recruitment

The company is now recruiting several foreign trade salesmen:

Job requirements:

Gender: unlimited

Education: Bachelor degree or above

1. International trade, English (CET-6 or above), Japanese, Russian, German and other related majors;

2. Have good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

3. Familiar with the foreign trade process, and have a strong interest in the foreign trade industry;

4. Be careful, proactive, good at coordination and communication;

5. Proficient in Cantonese, understand picture processing, fresh graduates are preferred.


Contact Number:0755-29735969  

Contact Person:Miss Zeng

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